Alfred the Great (Mint Editions) (English Edition)

Follow the life and rule of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex circa 871 to 899. Before he was king, Alfred fought in battle against the invading Danes. When his older brother, and current king, was killed during battle, the throne went to Alfred. Coronated at the young age of twenty-one, Alfred the Great inherited the Anglo-Saxon throne in a time of ongoing war. By the time he assumed the throne, the Danes had been actively invading and overthrowing settlements for five years, though their attacks had started long before that. Maintaining his reputation as an intelligent and merciful man, and using his knowledge as a military veteran, Alfred the Great led his kingdom to victory over the Danes, ending the Viking’s invasion. After the war, King Alfred continued to lead in a virtuous manor, earning the respect and praise of his subjects. King Alfred was a man of strong faith and truly loved his people. He pioneered many social policies, including promoting literacy and education, restructuring the taxation system, and strengthening foreign relations. Though he was among the best rulers in the history of England, much of the information scholars previously held about Alfred the Great was riddled with legends and myths, making it difficult to understand the truth about the great king. Alfred the Great by Jacob Abbott is considered to be a culturally significant and detailed account of the life of Alfred the Great, and was one of the first biographies published about the man that was widely accepted by scholars to be wholly accurate. As an experienced writer for children, Jacob Abbott’s work is accessible and exciting. Now reprinted in an easy to read and modern font, paired with an eye-catching cover design, this edition of Jacob Abbott’s Alfred the Great is an approachable biography, ready to entertain and educate readers of various demographics on a legendary leader.

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Book Title: Alfred the Great (Mint Editions) (English Edition)

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