Zen: The Wayless Way

"In Zen: The Wayless Way, Zen master Ama Samy displays extraordinary scope and depth of understanding. Not only does he dip deeply into the traditional literature of Zen Buddhism; he also ranges widely over Western philosophy, religion and literature. We are treated to skillful references to Dogen and Baso, Hongzhi and Bankei, Hakuin and Hisamatsu—and we also witness Ama Samy's sure touch as he draws upon Kant and Kierkegaard, Shakespeare and Tennyson, Augustine and Pascal, Eckhart and Heidegger, Emerson and Bonhoeffer, as well as several contemporary thinkers. Yet this book is more than a conceptual tour de force; it is graced by many deft, evocative passages pointing unerringly to the reality of profound spiritual awakening and insight. To my knowledge, no other Zen master exhibits such broadly-based learning about that which is of ultimate value." —Steve Smith, editor of Ways of Wisdom: Readings on the Good Life; Everyday Zen; Nothing Special; and author of Eastern Light: Awakening to Presence in Zen, Quakerism and Christianity

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Book Title: Zen: The Wayless Way

Book Author: Ama Samy

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ISBN: 1535284641