Hilltop Drive (English Edition)

Have you ever wondered how interesting it would be if you were able to go back and live your life all over again? The opportunity to correct all the regrets you have from the life you’ve lived? Hilltop Drive is the life story of Joe Jachens who, after growing up in what he describes as a perfect childhood, had some very unexpected and serious events occur in his life. It is a story of Jesus walking beside Joe during his life and carrying him during this period when he needed him the most.While continuously referring back to his happy childhood years on Hilltop Drive, Joe shares the pain of his parents’ divorce, the story of being a victim of sexual abuse by a friend’s brother, turning to illegal drugs, and his diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Joe invites the reader into the intimate details of his life events, what he has learned from them and how they have shaped him into the man he is today.Hilltop Drive will inspire the reader and allow the opportunity for one to reflect on their own life’s path. Take a visit to Hilltop Drive where childhood is an age of innocence, where imaginations are wild, life dreams are still attainable, and the most important part of a child’s life is simply going outside and playing with their neighborhood friends.

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Book Title: Hilltop Drive (English Edition)

Book Author: Joe Jachens

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